Food Friday: Baked Mussels

Succulent, juicy and the taste explodes in your mouth. My husband's description of my baked mussels. One of my family's favorite food. I make it with lots of cheese on top and whenever we have this dish, hubby and the kids eat like a pack of hungry wolves. hehe

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Mira said…
Hi Liza, your baked tahong made my mouth water too, its one of my fave dishes also. I just put up my first entry for Food Friday myself ;-) pls take a look My Kitchen Table

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Monica said… looks very tempting!! ;-)
 gmirage said…
I tried this dish from someone but didnt like it...'sigh'

Maybe if I tsted your cooking I'd change my mind....I love cheese on sefoods kasi....yumyum!
Anonymous said…

madalang pa naman may tindang tahong dito.
:-) MaryLou said…
Oh my gosh, those look sooooooo good!
Mariuca said…
Liza!! I love the sound of ur baked mussels, with lotsa cheese too, exactly how I like it he he! YUMMY!!
Anonymous said…
am not sure, but i think i've tasted something similar before ... and i liked it! :)

thanks for joining, sis!
happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
Mahina ang tyan ko sa tahong, lalo sa oyster , ewan ko ba. Kaya tuloy di ako makapagluto ng ganyan dito.
Anonymous said…
i like these mussels when cooked simply..only with sices and nothing else...onions, ginger and all the sicy stuffs.. ohh, how i miss these things Liz!

"Succulent, juicy and the taste explodes in your mouth."..I am salivating now!