Food Friday: Strawberries

The strawberries came from my aunt who went home from Tokyo the other day. The berries were so sweet and juicy, the kids gobbled them up in just a few minutes.

Strawberries are not only heart-shaped but are also heart-protective. They serve as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer fruit all rolled into one because they are filled with phytonutrients that promote our health. They are capable of decreasing blood pressure, hence, reducing the risk of heart disease associated with high blood pressure. Eating strawberries everyday will give you a healthy heart.


Anonymous said…
that does look yummy! mukhang malalaki pa! :)
pareho tayo fruit ang post for today's FF! ;P

happy friday, sis!
Lou said…
I love strawberries...yummy!!!

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Tina said…
those look so much better than our strawberries.

All we need now is a bit of cream and we are sorted lol.

Have a great weekend mate x
Anonymous said…
I planted some strawberries in the garden this year. Have 6 plants, which will not give me very many berries, but I hope to expand it next year with the runners.

Is it normal there for the fruit to come is pretty packages? It looks nice, but it seems a little wasteful.

I didn't know that they were anti-inflammatory. That is good to know. Heart problems run in my family, so I guess it is good that I like strawberries so much.
Anonymous said…
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Please change to with blog title Deranged Insanity.
Anonymous said…
masarap yan, mahilig ako dyan kaya lang masyadong matamis, masama naman sa diabetic lol!
Anonymous said…
I don't really like strawberries po pero I love looking at them hehehe

Happy Friday, tita! :)
Anonymous said…
Sarap ng strawberries pero nagkaka-asthma attack ang son ko coz he likes eating those :)
I love strawberries but did not realize they loved me too! Great snack!
Anonymous said…
Kalaking strawberry niyan! Ang sarap!

It's my first time to join Food Friday! My entry is posted here:
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Hope you could drop by, too! Thanks!
hi liza! my niece and i both enjoy strawberries! yummy!!

Jean Chia
Toni said…
Yummy! Hunter loves strawberries!
Anonymous said…
I love sweet strawberries. Especially in yogurt or a shake. Yummy!
Mira said…
My son and I just went strawberry picking the other day. These strawberries really look yummy I can't blame your kids for gobbling them up, LOL.