Kitchen Cures

Instead of rummaging through your medicine cabinets when you're feeling lousy, why not check you kitchen cabinets first? The use of foods and herbs as remedies is a centuries-old tradition proven to relieve ailments. Here are some cures you'll find in the kitchen:

As far back as 2000 BC, honey was used as a dressing to cleanse and heal wounds. Recently, scientists have discovered that honey has natural antibiotic properties that can prevent infections and hasten healing. To treat minor cuts and scrapes, gently rub a little honey on the wound, then cover with gauze or band aid.

Ginger root has been shown to quell nausea. It has also been shown to fight motion sickness and relieve stomach upset associated with migraine. It may even ease hangover. Ginger snaps and ginger ale may be too mild to help. Sucking on candied ginger or making a tea by steeping slices of raw ginger in hot water may help a lot. For motion sickness, try ginger half an hour before traveling.

Chamomile is derived from the daisy family and can be brewed into a strong but soothing tea. Chamomile's mild sedative properties ease restlessness and nervousness and may make you sleepy.

Mint contains menthol, an aid that can calm an upset stomach and relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. It helps expel gas and has antispasmodic properties that can relieve cramping caused by irritable bowel syndrome. After a meal or whenever indigestion strikes, drink peppermint tea.

Chicken soup soothes sniffles. Chicken soup is really comfort food. The amino acid found in chicken acts as a decongestant. Adding diced chili peppers and minced raw garlic to the chicken soup right before serving can produce great effects. The capsaicin found in chili peppers acts as decongestant too and raw garlic produces natural antibiotic [cooking ruins the effect].

Yogurt is a proven yeast fighter. Studies show that women who ate a cup of yogurt daily lessened the number of flare ups of chronic yeast infections.

Cranberry juice fights UTIs [urinary tract infections]. A cup a day reduces the frequency of these painful infections in susceptible women. The juice contains compounds that appear to prevent bacteria from clinging to the lining of the urinary tract. If you are prone to UTIs you may drink as little as 3 ounces daily for preventive measure. If you already have it, I would advice you to see a doctor, you might need antibiotics.

Milk relieves minor skin irritation such as mild burns or itching caused by an allergic reaction. The casein in milk is a protein that helps reduce inflammation. To do: mix equal parts milk and water [low fat or skim] in a bowl, then dip a lightweight cloth. Wring the cloth gently then place the compress on the skin. Repeat the process after 30 seconds for 10 times, 2 or 3 times a day, until redness and inflammation subside.


Yes, effective ang honey, antibacterial kaya it helps sa pimples kung honey yung soap na gagamitin. Mint is also believed to improve memory. Haven't tries chicken soup though, they say it's really effective.
Ann said…
I agree with the ginger, proven ko yan sa morning sickness pag naglilihi ako. It really helps cure/lessen upset stomach.
Anonymous said…
I have also tried cucumber for tired eyes, and it really works.
Also grapefruit can be very healthy as it contains large amount of C-vitamin, it makes you very energetic and cleans your kidneys.
Good post, thanks :)
Jackie said…
Thanks for all the useful info. I have become quite frugal and now use many common items for healing and cleaning that normally I would have gone out and bought commercial products to sort out.
NH Yocal said…
Great tips! I really do need to start utilizing more natural stuff for those annoying ailments. Thanks for sharing!
Love your blog, want to exchange links?