A Letter From Santa

In these modern times where kids are definitely smarter, do you think they still believe in Santa Claus? My answer: Yes they do! They believe in Santa but they're a little different than we were kids. I remember one Christmas when hubby made a letter from Santa for my kids and just dropped it to our mailbox. When the kids saw the letter, we were bombarded with questions like... How did it get there? Where did it come from? Did Santa really send it? How come it's typewritten? How come there's no seal? And where's the signature? My son even asked for a proof that the letter indeed came from Santa. Hubby and I looked at each other and had to make up stories just to answers those questions. Lesson learned: the next time you write Santa Letters, you have to be smarter and make it more believable, lol.

The following year I knew we had to be smarter, if we want our kids to believe that there really is Santa, we have to keep the magic. I had to search the web for the right way to write and create believable letters from Santa. I also had to look for unique and authentic stationeries and envelopes and make sure that they can't find them in bookstores. I never really expected that what I will find will save me from all the hard work.

I have to admit that I, too was mesmerized when I found this site. You will certainly wish you're a kid again. I loved the Santa package and the way they did the letters. The package contained personalized Santa letters and custom Santa goodies. The package indeed sustained the enchantment of Santa! When the kids opened the box, they couldn't believe their eyes when they saw their names written on Santa's Nice Certificate. That was really one Christmas that hubby and I can't forget. By the way, here's the letter...


Lou said…
Antonio always gets this every Christmas...:-)

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