Personalized Gifts

It's my niece's birthday next week and she is turning 6. I am still looking for some more books to give her because she loves to read a lot. I already got her some when I dropped by the book store last week. I am planning to give her more this time.

I happen to mention this to a blogger friend and she told me about Kids Personally web site. I checked the site and was amazed with their children's books collection. They are all personalized and very affordable.

I got her the Silver Swan, My Birthday Surprise and The Sibling Book. The Silver Swan is a fairy tale book about a princess and a shining silver swan and their ride through the forest.

My Birthday Surprise is about daydreaming of a perfect birthday party with all the stuffs: balloons, cake, ice cream, clowns and gifts only to be surprised that it will indeed come true at the end of the story.

The Sibling Book is a terrific gift for her because her mom is expecting another baby. It talks about coping with the arrival of a new baby, it will help her fully understand that even if her parents are busy preparing for the coming of the new baby being an older sister can be a lot of fun.

All three books has quality hard covers with washable surfaces. They also come with a plastic where she can insert her photo inside the front cover. I'm sure she'll be very happy next week, when she gets hold of her new books.


Anonymous said…
wow, lets hope she turns out as a writer -- and a blogger eventually lol said…
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