Weekly Question #5

This week on Greenbucks' weekly question:

What lies ahead for me (and my family) during these tough times? Do we know where we are heading?

My answer:

I'll give you an honest answer, I am not really sure where we are heading. With the price of gas continuously rising and the world's obsession with biofuel has pushed the world's food prices sky high. The middle class is slowly dwindling. Hubby and I have been working really hard and have cut down on our expenses. It's hard to admit that after all these chaos, society will only have 2 classes left, the rich and the very poor. I will not allow my family to belong to the latter, having 2 jobs is not an option but 3 would do the job.

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Anonymous said…
You know, unfortunately, I think that it's not the rise in prices of food and gas alone that have been drowning the middle class - these are just the things that are finally making it obvious to the rest.
Anonymous said…
Hay tunay yan, tita. Kundi dahil na rin sa blogging, mas mahirap ang buhay. Sana tumagal pa ano? :)

Have a safe week, tita!
Anonymous said…
Liza, thanks for doing this WQ.

I agree, these tough times may be signaling the demise of the middle class.

You know the blogging earnings, we initially planned to have these saved for a grand vacation. Guess what, these all went into unexpected and even expected expenses, Sigh. Buti na lang me extra.

Be safe and have a great week.
Monica said…
Hi Liza, nice blog you have here!! ;-)
Heart of Rachel said…
The constant inflation is alarming. I just hope the situation will somehow improve.
Tina said…
i have an award for you now my dear x