Sunlight... on aging

I've always thought that exposure to sunlight raises your risk on skin cancer and is the cause of premature aging. Based on what I've read from Health, the high levels of Vitamin D can really slow down the aging process by up to 5 years. According to the article, at least 20 minutes exposure to sunlight a week is enough to supply us with our daily D requirements. With this, The DNA damage that triggers age-related diseases like cancer and heart ailments are cut down.


Unknown said…
That was wonderful post. I love being outdoors.
Anonymous said…
Baka naman too much of sunlight, tita ang pangit for the skin. Kasi look at those who love tanning, they get wrinkles sooner than those of us who don't.

Thanks for the button display po :)
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I was just reading a book that was saying the same thing! It was talking about how we overuse sunscreen, etc. You always have the best information!
Anonymous said…
I agree on what u says but the problem is that nowadays the ozone has become too, I'm not sure whether it really works....
Anonymous said…
As far as I know, exposure to the sun rays cause burns. As for over-exposure, it can lead to cancer because harmful solar radiation causes mutations in the DNA of your skin.
Anonymous said…
I love being outdoors, under the sun and most of the time, bare body (he he) but I never thought of the biological significance although I knew about Vit D.
Jeff Iversen said…
Besides that, sunscreen could even be the cause of many types of cancer.

Can Using Sunscreen Cause Cancer?