Super Foods For a Healthy Heart

These eight super foods are sure to slash away your blood pressure and cholesterol level. These are the foods you can't afford to escape if you care enough for your heart and when you aim for a balanced diet.

1. ORANGES. This citrus fruit supplies fiber and folate which breaks down amino acids that can damage the lining of the arteries which promote blood clots.

2. TROUT. This oily fish has sweet, flaky flesh and is packed with omega3 fatty acids. The healthy fats fight the bad fats [tryglycerides] that is associated with heart disease.

3. CEREAL. Skip the sugary ones your kids love and look for cereals with at least 4 gms of fiber per serving. Consuming whole-grain cereals 2 to 6 times a week lessens the risk of heart failure. The fiber in these cereals stabilizes blood glucose and insulin levels.

4. CANOLA OIL. Next to olive oil, canola oil is good for your heart and tastes much better especially when it comes to baking. The oil is high in both poly and monounsaturated fats and is also a good source of omega3. So when you need an oil change, use canola oil instead of corn oil and soybean oil.

5. COCOA POWDER. I am so sure you know by now that green tea is good to your heart, but you probably don't know that a mug of hot cocoa is better. Some powdered cocoas are minimally sweetened so the cardiovascular benefits are concentrated into fewer calories. Chocolate bars however, don't offer the same benefits because the processing of chocolate bars seem to decrease antioxidant content.

6. ALMONDS. These nuts provide plenty of minerals and vitamins necessary for the heart. Almonds are packed with amino acids that your body uses to produce nitric oxide, an important chemical to keep the blood vessel flexible. The magnesium and calcium in almonds help manage and maintain normal blood pressure. The nutritious nut is also one of the best sources of Vitamin E that keeps arteries clean by preventing bad cholesterol from oxidizing and causing blockages.

7. BLACK BEANS. The mighty black beans have blood pressure-regulating magnesium and soluble filters which attaches ti cholesterol and whisks it out of the body. These beans were found to have the highest antioxidant capacity to lower the risk of heart disease.

8. AVOCADO. This fruit has proven heart health benefits. The avocado is valued for the type of monounsaturated fat it contains, the oleic acid which lowers cholesterol level, the dame fat also found in olive oil. Potassium can also be found in avocados, a mineral that helps blunt the spike in blood pressure that sodium triggers.

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david santos said…
Hello, Lisa!
Thanks for your menu!!!
Have a nice week.
I can handle that list; we eat all of them. So, you just encouraged me. Thanks.
riablahgs said…
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Anonymous said…
Avocado here is Php180/kl. Medyo mahal no?
Anonymous said…
The are super list. Nice list of healthy foods given here. I love orange. Maybe, you should consider dragon fruit..
Unknown said…
Other than the avocado I have all of those things in our regular diet. Thanks for the information.
Anonymous said…
i like both oranges and avocado... i love fruits in general actually.
Anonymous said…
Almonds are also a great source of protein. If you aren't a big meateater, a handful can ensure that you are getting enough! Careful though, they are high in fat and calories.
Lisa, you have been awarded the Brillante Award by
Gorgeous MUM said…
thanks for sharing~!