Halloween Costumes

August just came in, and already, the kids are thinking of Halloween. Don't you think it is too early? My daughter said, it isn't because we have to prepare for the kids halloween costumes. She reminded me of what happened last year, we were too busy then and did not have time to prepare for their costumes. Until only a few days before Halloween, but all the great costumes were already sold out. We went hunting for their costumes and tried going from one mall to another but we had no luck finding what they like. They were both disappointed so I had to think of something, good thing Halloween makeup saved me.

This year, they are more excited because of the new addition in the family, our cute little shih-tzu, Lokii. They want to take him trick or treating and my youngest thought of wearing a soldier camouflage costume this year. And since he is going to be a soldier, he thought of getting Lokii a prisoner costume. It was my son who stumbled upon Anytime Costumes telling me that he found the perfect costumes for him and Lokii. I told him I have to check the site first and read on the CPSC Halloween safety page. He doesn't have the faintest idea that I already did, I'm just waiting for my orders. I'm sure he'll be surprised. ;)


Anonymous said…
when is the holloween ba? hehe..makes me think na malapit na malapit na coz of this post of yours liz
jen aka mommay said…
oh no...I can't think of Halloween yet!!!!
Anonymous said…
Good to think ahead! Halloween is coming before you know it ;)