New Products from J&J

For more than 5 decades, the name J&J has been a popular household name. I still remember when I was very young, my mom never ran out of J&J baby powder, J&J baby oil, J&J baby lotion, soap, body wash, name it and the list will go on. All these great products, she used to all of us, her three kids. We all grew up with J&J, and this is probably the reason why i chose the same products for my kids. It was only when my son had skin asthma breakouts that I stopped using the baby lotion because it was specified by the derma that he uses oatmeal lotion. Recently, J&J introduced innovative health products, and one of them is the vanilla oatmeal baby wash and baby lotion. It is specially formulated to combine oatmeal with an essence of vanilla, perfect for his skin. So, to J&J, thank you. I am definitely going back.