Time To Get Serious on My Diet

Are you struggling to lose weight like me? I used to cheat when it comes to dieting and have tried taking diet pills instead of exercise. I would lose a few pounds in the beginning but everything comes right back once I stop taking them. I think exercise and good choice of foods is still the best so I'm thinking of buying an elliptical. I know that walking is good for the heart but I can't bear the heat outside so an elliptical machine would be perfect. I'll give you an update on my diet once I start with the machine.


Mrs Mo said…
Good luck! I am on a weight loss journey myself. I am trying out weight watchers again to see if that helps. The elliptical is a good choice. It's also easier on your knees than running would be and you can get more out of it. Add in some strength too...Fitness magazine has quick workouts (10-20 minutes) you can do. I usually pick arm/leg routines that I like and do them for 10-20 minutes.