Are you afraid of the sun?

I know summer is over and this post is quite late because it's beginning to get cold, but it's better late than never. :)

Too much sun can increase the risk of skin cancer, and you know that by now, but a recent study shows that moderate exposure actually outweighs the risks. Our cells produce vitamin D when exposed to UVB light which protects against multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and more than a dozen types of cancer. It can also help reduce the severity of osteoporosis and lower risk of fractures.

Here's more, sunlight may help lower blood pressure, hence, reducing our risk of heart disease. According to reports, during summer, fewer people suffer from hypertension.

For those people with psoriasis, daily UV exposure suppress the process that leads to scaly, itchy skin and can even clear the condition.


mimi11460 said…
Tama ka Sis kaya ako I see to it na mayron akong twenty minutes exposure sa sunlight para magpawis alam mo tumatanda. Iwas high blood..Morning sunlight lang..
Mira said…
Sis, here's the link again, thanks for the continued support ;-)