The Embarrassing Ailments

Here are some health worries that people are too embarrassed to talk about or even ask advice on. Many would just self medicate and suffer in silence hoping it will heal or clear up on its own.

BOILS are caused by staphylococci, a bacteria infecting the hair follicles. The reason why some people are more prone to boils is still not known. I often hear my old relatives say "Don't eat too much eggs or else you'll have boils." So I grew up thinking that way.

Apply a soft cloth soaked in water with salt to the affected area for for about 30 minutes, several times a day, to help it burst and drain more quickly. Back here, we have this green paper called "Koyo" that you apply to it until it is ready to burst. Boils usually clear up on their own but they leave scars and they usually come back if it not totally drained. It will be best to consult the doctor so you'll be prescribed with the proper medication to get rid of the bacteria.

BAD BREATH is caused by poor oral hygiene, as the bacteria coating the teeth and gums release sulphur compounds. If brushing and flossing for 3 minutes after each meal [use an electric toothbrush and a mouthwash] is not enough, you better check your diet. Garlic, onions, cabbgae, as well as cigarettes and alcohol can take days to break down in the body. Saliva flow is reduced when you smoke, fasting causes problems too. When you don't eat, the body produces waste products called ketones which are expelled in the breath and smell like rotten food.

STRESS INCONTINENCE. Unexpected leaking from a few drops to a stream when you laugh, cough or exercise means the muscles at the neck of the bladder are not strong enough. Obesity, smoking and prescription drugs such as beta-blockers may contribute to this. And to most women, it is more common after child birth, a hysterectomy or menopause. To avoid, try some pelvic exercises.

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These are embarrasing so it is nice you are touching on them. Nobody wants to talk about them but it is necessary.
carenmeman said…
Hello! Thanks for the comment onga buti na lang hindi rin ako hahahaha pero kung nagkataon nasa Pilipinas naman tayo so we could have been Juana, Gabriela, Melchora so pwede na rin parang cute pa rin naman...

To add to your post...sweaty arm pits yung sobra meron ding ganun e... Have a great day!
Enchie said…
This is very informartive. I agree with the first comment. Very helpful.
Unknown said…
Hi Liza.

Not only just some pelvic exercises, but the exercises that are developed for it, so one strengthens the muscles in the whole area.
They need to be done every day and should be embedded in a lifestyle.

Contracting the right muscles before standing up, before climbing stairs will help a lot!
Anonymous said…
From Pauline: You're tagged!