Safe for your babies

If you're concerned about recent reports of Bisphenol A and its possible effects on children, you should know about Lafe's Natural BodyCare's new line of baby products. Lafe's entire baby line comes in baby-safe plastic, free of the resins that contain Bisphenol A and other chemicals that may interfere with children's health and development. All the products in the line, which includes baby shampoo and bodywash, massage oil, baby lotion, bug spray, and even mother-to-be deodorant, are at least 95 percent certified organic, and are a clean and healthy option for mothers who want what's best for their babies. Lafe's products are available online at, and you can read more about estrogenic activity chemicals like Bisphenol A at


Thanks for the great info! I'm saving up my entre drop points to advertise on your blo...only 2,000 more to go! lol
Thanks for making me aware of this. I had not heard of it before.