Health Tip # 1

How do you want your apple juice? Clear or cloudy? The cloudy juice or darker version has 4 times more antioxidants than the filtered variety. Cloudy outshines clear. But of course, eating a whole apple with the skin on is more nutritious than either form of beverage.

Mommy's Little Corner


I honestly didn't know that when I'm buy cloudy apple juice I'm buying the best. Thank you
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing. I didn't knew that there is a difference in the health benefits in cloudy or clear apple juice
^_^ thanks again
Anonymous said…
i dont like apple juice. i love green apple though which i eat daily... i love the swet and sour taste and i eat the skin of course! yum yum
Anonymous said…
i never knew this..hmmm. i dont drink the juice, i actually love eating the fruit.
imelda said…
thanks for this info. . .i use to eat apples without pelling the skin off
 gmirage said…
Ill try to comment again IVe been trying since yesterday, it was published that apple skin sometimes has wax to make it shiny, be sure to wash it thoroughly...try ko nga, I'll try to peel off the wax =D