Make Potty Training More Enjoyable

Have you ever heard of The Shandle? These are toilet seat handles with antimicrobial properties to protect you against damaging germs and bacteria. The antimicrobial properties are embedded in the plastic release silver ions to prevent growth of bacteria.

The Shandle is very ideal for those who are potty training their kids. Children like touching everything they see and they love putting those hands in their mouths. No matter how much you clean and scrub the entire household, most especially the toilet, there is no guarantee that you have eliminated all the germs and bacteria. It easily attaches to the seat of your toilet and it makes lifting the toilet seat easier and the antimicrobial protection makes it cleaner than ever.

Plus, your kids would definitely love sitting on those thrones because The Shandle's Just for Kids line has a variety of cute designs and colorful animals. These toilet seat handles also come with reminders like "Put the Seat Up", "Put the Seat Down" and "Wash Your Hands". Now your kids will never forget to wash their hands after using the toilet. They'll be practicing healthy habits while having fun with those cute and funny characters.

Get The Shandle for your toddlers, a healthy and cleaner bathroom is just a click of a mouse away.

Mommy's Little Corner