New Doesn't Mean It's Good

Before taking a new pill, it always pays to ask some questions about the prescribed drug first. Not all doctors are updated and some medications may cause serious side effects. Many of us are not familiar with the names of the meds so ask what it is, how does it help you and if it's a newly approved drug. It's just like using a newly released gadget, unexpected problems can crop up that were not spotted in premarket tests. The older version of the drug may work just as well and are usually less expensive. If there's really no need for you to take the new drug, stick with what works. Research shows that it takes time for information on safety and risks to emerge.

Ask what's the lowest dose you can start with. If you start with higher doses right away, it's more likely to cause side effects. Ask your doc to prescribe a low dose, so you can both watch for side effects, and gradually increase dosage if there's a need to achieve the desired effects.

It is also important to discuss with your doctor if there are some things to be especially wary of when you start taking the prescribed meds and ask him what to do if in case a bad one appears. Let your doc know about any other meds you're taking in case the new drug should not be taken with them including vitamins and nutritional supplements.

We have to be very careful and prudent when it comes to medication. Just because they claim to be the best, doesn't mean they really work.


imelda said…
yes ur right liz, it pays to be inquisitive at times.
Davida said…
I was just discussing this with a friend earlier. I think Anna Nicole Smith, her son, and Heath Ledger are all reminders that we MUST be responsible with taking medications and discuss everything we're taking, the dosage, and any side effects with our physicians. I personally try my absolute best NOT to take meds. I pop 9 different supplements/vitamins a day to stay healthy and I'm rarely ever ill.

BTW, you've been awarded the Proximidade Award. Check out my blog post.
NH Yocal said…
Very interesting and your point about the low dose is so very true. there are all kinds of docs out there, aggreessive ones, cautious ones, they all prescibe based on their own experience. It is up to us to make sure we take careful concern and do our own research too!

BTW, I have a little something for ya here