Spoken Word CDs

Have you heard of Spoken Word CDs? These are audiobooks or recordings that is primarily of spoken word as opposed to music. It is like listening to your favorite books over and over again. In the beginning, audiobooks were developed to make books accessible to the blind or illiterate but because of the popularity of music players like the ipod, these audiobooks have become popular to everyone for portable listening. Everywhere you look, you will see someone wearing headphones.

These audiobooks will make a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, or for anyone who loves to read but just can't find the time. And where to look for Audio books? Borders is your online portal for thousands of digital books on tape. You can shop by category and the site lists thousands of products in each of them. They have fiction, non-fiction, music, children and education, magazine subscriptions, stationery, DVDs, bestsellers and many more. I'm sure even your little ones would love to listen to their favorite fairy tales or bedtime stories using their ipods. If you are out-of-town for an important seminar and can't read to them during bedtime, these audiobooks are perfect.

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