What time do you eat dinner?

We try to eat by 7, too early you might think, but the kids have to be in school by 6:30 the next day so they have to be in bed by 9. After dinner, I like watching telenovelas while working on my blogs so hubs would move the tv stand near my table so I can watch them. That's the only time I get to watch tv because I'm at the store most of the time. And during those times hubs allows me to have it all by myself, hehe. After the telenovelas, it's hubs' turn to watch the news. So that's how our evenings are spent before we head to bed.

How about you? What time do you eat dinner and what do you do after?


Anonymous said...

We eat at 6. And when some people say they eat around 8, I always think Wow, that is so late.

Karen said...

Just found your blog, love it! Believe it or not we eat dinner around 5:30. I grew up eating at 5! My kids are in bed by 7:30 & 8 then I watch TV and read blogs and work on mine and hubby plays computer games. We are boring! But a couple of times a week we hang together too.

Anonymous said...

We always have dinner at 5!
At 5.30 we're finished and there's a whole lot of evening left.

Tu said...

OMG. . . You serious?! Tell me are you guys skinny? Cuz I eat anywhere from 9-11. How could you not go hungry after "Dinner" ?

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