Dots, Flecks & Spots

During these hard times, we all aim for value for our money without, of course, discounting the nutrition we get from the foods we buy for our family. Many of us are not aware that we get more nutrition from fruits and vegetables with dots, flecks and spots than the perfect ones. Here's the secret money-saving tips for picking fruits and veggies that are packed with more nutrition.

The dark dots on green peppers do not indicate that they are past their prime. Dark spots mean the bell peppers are sweeter and less acidic than those without blemishes. Japanese researchers say, they have 120 percent more vitamins. Consuming them increases resilience to stress, enhances facial-skin elasticity and lessens allergy attacks.

Choose a tomato with healed-over [dry] cracks near its stems, it is not old. It grew in dry conditions that made it twice as high in vitamin B complex than spotless ones. More B complex means better focus and memory, balanced blood sugar and improved sleep.

Bananas that are yellow with tiny brown specks are 170 percent richer in magnesium than the flawless bananas. And more magnesium means relief from migraines and muscle aches, better ability to maintain healthy blood pressure and less belly bloat.

The small oval brown marks on a papaya reveal that the fruit is tastier, sweeter and healthier. It contains 400 percent more of the antioxidant lycopene than the flawless one. Spotted papayas give you stronger bones and natural protection from UV rays and lower cholesterol.

So there you have them, the next time you're buying fruits and veggies, it's alright to choose the not-so perfect ones. Remember that you'll be getting more nutrition from them plus, they are usually cheaper than the perfect ones.

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Eduardo said…
Thank you once again Liza for sharing your knowledge! My Mommy does usually try to get the perfect ones so she is really glad you posted this!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
Maybe now I can get my husband to stop throwing away perfectly fine vegetables. He has OCD, and I have to keep him out of the kitchen. He has thrown away perfectly good frozen vegetables because of the packaging.
I had no idea and always seem to pass those by. Will make sure to remember this at the produce department!
cherry said…
nice tips mommy liza, i would have never known. =)

merry christmas!
Anonymous said…
we like bananas, sometimes it has this tiny brown specks,it means we get 170 percent of magnesium hmm cool. thanks for the healthy tips.

p.s thanks for the comments and for following our blog.merry xmas to you and your family
Unknown said…
I'm one of your entrecard readers and I'm hopping in to wish you a

Merry Christmas!

Raft3r said…
these are excellent tips
sasabihin ko ito ke ermats
thanks, liza
Unknown said…
Hi Love your blog. Thanks for the ad. Happy New Year!