Awards Galore!!!

Yeehah! Three lovely ladies who are very dear to me gave me the first award. I'd like to thank Cheryl of Pancakes to Pearls, Shydub of Simple Happy Life and Polly of Random Ramblings for graciously giving me the Blog Love Award.

The next one, The Butterfly Award, is again from Cheryl and Rose of All About Cakes. This Butterfly award has been going around for some time and this is not the first time I have received this but I'd like to thank both ladies for passing it on to me.

The Triple Awards came from Lanne of Crocodile Soup for the Soul. Thank you my dear for sharing the Lemonade, Sisterhood and Best Friends awards with me.

The last three awards are from Polly. Thank you again Polly, you really are a darling! I truly appreciate that I'm never forgotten when it comes to giving awards.

I'm passing these awards to more beautiful bloggers, feel free to grab them all or choose the ones you like.

Karen @ Karen & Gerard Zemek
Harriet @ I Am Harriet
Enchie @ Sweet Nothings
Blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell
Duni @ Lovely Purses
Sandee @ Comedy Plus
Toni @ It is nap time


Sandee said…
Thank you Liza. I'll take the two that I don't have. How very nice of you.

Have a terrific day. :)
Anonymous said…
wow!!congrats!lots of awards!!

nice to see you again in my site,Liza :)

have a nice day!
Unknown said…
You deserve to receive so many awards. Having all of your blogs and keeping each one interesting and fresh as well as the mammoth task of dropping/visiting all of us and commenting too - you are indeed a golden blogger. As they say in many circles in England you are 'top drawer' - meaning the very, very best of people.
Best wishes to you, Polly.
Anonymous said…
You deserve every one of these awards! Congrats and thanks so much for passing them on to me. I'm honored. :)
Raymonty said…
You walk among the best. I enjoy your articles.
Anonymous said…
you deserved all that award maam Liza. I visited one of your blog too this morning the moms....check nyo i like those post , their good and helpful to release stress but can't leave comments there,no letter coming out. have a nice day.
Enchie said…
Hi Liza! Thanks for the awards!!! btw, sorry for the comment malfuction on my food blog, i think its working now...I refreshed my comments settings. thanks again and have a nice day!
Toni said…
Congrats on all your awards!

Thank you for passing along!!!!
wow congratulations on your awards.
anne said…
ang galing naman daming awards
Cheryl said…
Wow!! Congrats on all of them!
Swubird said…

Wow! I've never seen so many awards. They look great. Congratulations. Your site deserves everyone of them.

Happy trails.
Eduardo said…
Congrats on your awards! You deserve them!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
I have awarded you the Lemonade award for your blog because it shows an attitude of gratitude, uplifting and has good content. Pick it up at:
Duni said…
Wow! That's a whole bunch of awards, Liza! Your blog is very pretty, love the pink ☺
And so sorry for my late reply...better late than never! I feel so honoured you should pass on these awards to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I'll blog about this as soon as I feel a bit stronger.

Thank you,