New Found Way to lower HB

Want to know the secret in an inexpensive, effective and free of side effects way of lowering your blood pressure? Relaxation Response, and it only takes 20 minutes a day! It's a simple practice that once learned can relieve stress and tension.

The Masachussets General Hospital Heart Center conducted a study which consists of focusing on a word, sound or prayer to help the body enter a resting state with lower heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. It turned out that those who practiced the relaxation response for 20 minutes a day for eight weeks were over four times more likely to get off one of their medications. We all know that once you have high blood pressure, you have to take medication for maintenance. High Blood pressure runs in my family and this relaxation response can help a lot.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Liza! I've added u up. hope you'll do the same.. message me back.. have a great day! ;)
Anonymous said…
I totally believe that works!
I read this before and I have to say it makes perfect sense!
MizĂ© said…
Hi Liza. Good advice. Relaxation thecniques can also healp much on all anxiety based problems. Correct breathing, used with relaxation can help a great deal too.
Good Tuesday xx
Sam said…
Hi Liza,

Thanks for sharing this one to us.

Keep smiling and have a great day!!!