I recently read about a recent study made by some medical professionals, they came to a conclusion that banning of R-rated movies does not only spare our kids from sex and violence. Their inclination to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes may also be avoided. They found out that teens and tweens who were restricted from watching such movies were less likely to try smoking and drinking than those kids who watched.
Hubs and our son love to watch action and war films. They would ask me to cook popcorn or prepare some snacks on weekends so they have something to munch on while seated on their favorite Faux Leather Armchair watching their favorite war films. As soon as I found out that those stylish arm chairs were on sale, I ordered immediately so they would be comfortable during their bonding time. Anyways, back to the story.
Although we allow him to watch those movies, we make sure he is supervised. It was such a relief to know that kids who were supervised are also at a lower risk for these behaviors. We parents should take the entertainment media more seriously and make an effort to find out what they're really watching and carefully consider the kinds of behaviors these films are modeling for our kids. It's not so bad to allow them to watch as long as you supervise. I'd rather allow my son to watch at least in my presence. It's better for us to expose him to it rather than have somebody else do it.


UPrinting said…
It actually doesn't take a genius to know that the media has exposed the young one's to vices and violent behavior that they soon may adapt. Parents should continually guide their kids, even after watching TV, to avoid such behavior from influencing their kids.