Steel-cut Oats

Nothing beats morning hunger like carbs, but the feeling of satiation doesn't last long. After only half an hour after eating, you crave for more. I recently came across an article about steel-cut oats, they're also know as coarse-cut oats, pin-head oats, Scotch oats, or Irish oats. Although they take a longer time to prepare, they have a lower glycemic index than that of regular oats.

Adding steel-cut oats to baked goods can extend the time it takes for your system to digest home-baked carbs. This is because steel-cut oats contain 2 grams soluble and 4 grams insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is the most common kind and you've probably heard that it lowers LDL [bad cholesterol]. Soluble fiber on the other hand, plays a major role in digestion. It dissolves in water and forms a kind of gelatin in the gut. This dramatically slows digestion and allows the sugars in the treat to reach the bloodstreeam little by little. This does not only result to a feeling of fullness, but it also gives you a steady supply of energy that lasts four to five hours.

The next time you're baking your own bread, add steel-cut oats or when you're buying, ask the baker if they have some goodies with steel-cut oats.

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Eduardo said…
Great info! Thanks!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
Anonymous said…
Steel cut oats have such a great texture. I like to make a huge batch of oatmeal and pack it into a loaf pan at the beginning of the week. Then when I want oatmeal, I just cut out a slice and heat it up.
annalene said…
i love steel cut oats! the extra cooking time is definitely worth it. and when i'm feeling lazy usually opt for a bowl of oat bran!
Anonymous said…
My mother-in-law eats steel cut oats like oatmeal, but I never thought about adding them to baked goods. Thanks for the tip!