Don't Take It For Granted

Want to know what kind of personality a person has? Check out his bathroom. This to me is one of the most important rooms in a house. You could have a dull living room but your bathroom should have everything. I'm very particular with how my bathrooms look and what's in them. I wouldn't want my guests using a shabby bathroom during my parties. The bathroom should have the best of everything.

From the color of the tiles to the kind of fixtures I install, It should have an aura of calm and beauty. The bathtub should be relaxing and the taps elegant. Even the towel railings should match the theme of the entire place. Cabinets and accessories be accessible and functional. Even the toilets and wash basins should be regal in every way. The bathroom should leave a good and lasting impression on anyone who uses it.

Lastly, the mirrors and lighting should be in unison with everything in the bathroom to keep the flow of the entire place intact. A well maintained and impressive bathroom could easily erase any bad impression on scrutinizing and critical guests. You may have have the most lavish bedroom or classy living room, but with a badly designed bathroom, expect to hear the worst comments you can ever hear.

So don't take your bathroom for granted, it is after all the most private place in your house.


The Mother said…
So, I'm assuming that the yellow stains on the floor from the boys who, despite their handy-dandy aimer thingies, still can't hit the toilet, are right out?

Maybe you'd better not stop by my place. Or I could hand out blindfolds at the bathroom door?
stan said…
how true! Gd thing I always make it a point to keep the toilet presentable. haha.