Germs are everywhere!

As moms, we try to instill in our kids all the good values so they'd grow up to be God-fearing, loving, honest, and kind. We love it when our kids know how to share and are generous. But when they share toys, they are also sharing germs. It could be good for them because getting them exposed to germs helps develop their immune system.

Even so, we still want to be careful and if possible, keep those flu days to a minimum. A sick child can mean a cranky, miserable child, not to mention missed school and the risk of infecting others. It is always better to be prepared for the usual bout of illnesses that come when the season changes or when our kids mix in the classroom.

Of course, nothing beats a good hand washing. It may not be able to eliminate all the germs ut it can at least block the transmission of most common diseases. Frequent hand washing can cut back the rates of flu and diarrhea. But what if soap and water are not immediately available? Hand sanitizers are okay but may not be enough. For me, a flu vaccine is still the best bet for avoiding flu. It may not always provide total protection and you may still get the flu when vaccinated, but it is still worth getting because it can at least lessen the severity of the illness.

It's good that there are companies like Sanofi Pasteur who is spear heading a campaign for flu prevention. You may log on to for more information on how and when to get bakunado/vaccinated.