Know Your Mr. Right

Woohoo, It's the love month again! Aside form June and December, February is also a marrying month. You are in love, engaged and soon to get married, but, have you tried asking yourself if he is the right man for you? Oooops, don't get me wrong. I am not insinuating anything but rather, give you to tips so you'll know if he is the right one. I have been married for 21 years and to be honest these things never crossed my mind when I was younger. All I knew then was I am so in love with him. I am lucky my husband have been very good to me and to my children. He never cheated on me and stood by me through the years.

Ok going back to the tips, here are some of the things you should know. Choosing the right man is one thing that is really important in a relationship. If you think that everything you are looking for in a man is with him, try looking further and see if these qualities match.

Know his character. Before deciding on marrying him make a research on his personality. Ask his friends and relatives about him and how he behaves. Observe his actions and how he reacts in situations. Sometimes, when you are so in love, you tend to disregard this matter. Investigate the family background. It is very important to know that he came from a very good family. No weirdos, rituals or anything of a kind. Does he spend more time with friends than his family? Is he a drug user and does he drink too much alcohol? Consider checking on his educational background too. Doing so can give you an idea if he can provide for you and your soon-to-be family.

Check his health. It is important to know if he's been treated in the past for psychological reasons. Is he the suicidal type? Was he ever admitted for heart problems or high blood pressure? These reasons, however, should not stop you from marrying him but at least you will have a good idea on how to deal with it in the future.

Check his lifestyle. Does he spend his money wisely? Does he splurge on things? Does he have a passion for sports car and Fossil watches? Does he have a criminal record? Know his plans for the future. He may not be earning too much but having a stable job is good enough. Know his culture too. It is important to know where he came from and try to familiarize yourself with his culture before marrying him. Most of all, consider marrying him for his good qualities and not by his good looks.


Online Dater said…
Thanks for the tips! It was helpful for a life-partner seeker like me. lol
Jenny said…
Are there 2 different types of Mercury? I think I saw a multi vitamin containing mercury.