My Cousin's Wedding

These last few days I've been under a lot of pressure thinking about too many things. And when I'm like this, I have the tendency to overeat. I can see my waistline bulging and my pants are getting tight. Mom even teased me earlier, saying that if I don't stop, I won't fit in my gown. And my cousin's wedding is just two weeks away! I need to get rid of these pounds quick so now I'm on a hunt for weight loss products that won't let me down. I've tried other products before but they were not really effective. I need something that will put off the fat permanently.


Anonymous said…
There are few people who don’t know something about the South Beach Diet, but along with knowing some of the facts about it, you probably believe some of the fallacies. Most people think that the diet - which first became popular in the early 2000s - is a low-fat or low-carb diet. This plan doesn’t dictate consuming less fat or carbohydrates, however, but choosing the right ones.
Anonymous said…
Eat less, exercise more! That's garantueed to get the fat off permanently!

Just a half hour walk three times a week would do the trick!