My friend and her SIL

My friend was telling me about her sister-in-law who can't hold down a job, but she believes she is entitled to the same things as her hardworking siblings. When my friend and her husband bought a new car two months ago, she heard her SIL making a side comment, saying it isn't fair that she never owned a car. And when she heard that they have been planning to make early reservations at Westgate for their Las Vegas vacation this summer, she said "It must be wonderful... some of us don't get to go on vacations."

Her SIL has always been like that and during the first few years of their marriage she didn't know how to react whenever she complains about how hard her life is, so she would rather keep quiet. As the years passed she got used to it and has learned to deal with it. Now she tells her (in a nice way) that the new car and vacation were earned from working really hard and not the results of mere luck. Go friend! Kudos to you!