Planning Ahead

A few years back, my father had these symptoms: excessive thirst, extreme hunger, frequent urination, unusual weight loss, increased fatigue, irritability and blurry vision. Good thing he was due for an executive check-up that month courtesy of his life insurance company. When the results came, we were informed by his doctor that he has Type 2 Diabetes.

It was not easy for him, he took it as if the whole world sank on him. Who wouldn't feel bad anyway? Acceptance is the hardest thing when it comes to diseases, especially with cancer and diabetes. More often, victims think they are goners even if they're not. For a few days he was depressed. But with the family's help, slowly, he learned to accept it. We changed his diet. My father, being a disciplinarian was very obedient. For the first few months, he totally cut his sugar intake. It was difficult I know for he has a sweet tooth. He was also prescribed a medicine for maintenance.

One thing mom was thankful for was she got his life insurance policy long before he had diabetes. It really helps to plan ahead, not many people believe in life insurance and some would only consider purchasing a life insurance once an illness is discovered. I have worked part-time in an insurance company many years ago and during that time diabetic cases were not accepted. I heard they do now but I'm sure the premiums are much higher.


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