Food Friday: Pasta Bowl

food friday

KFC's pasta bowl. I found it a bit salty but it complimented the spicy bite. I also liked the oriental flavor.


Mariuca said…
KFC pasta bowl? We don't have it here Liza, oh this looks YUM! I love pasta! :):):)
KFC pasta bowl? liza we dun hv.But if we hv, i'll need to think twice before ordering this. I hv a bad experience wt the Pizza hut pasta. They don't seems to understand how to cook a pasta. yuck!! i can still rem the many MSG seasonings they put in the pasta.

but since you're recommending this, i think i'll purchase this after thinking twice. haha! :)

Happy weekend! :)

Jean Chia
Anonymous said…
i agree with you, it is kinda salty but it's ok all in all, fried chicken pa din ang order ko sa kfc, hehe.
Anonymous said…
masarap nga yan... sakto yung lasa ng salty at spicy... pero i prefer na mas spicy pa sana ng konti... try mo yung alfredo... masarap din yun at laging yun order namin ni bf :D
eastcoastlife said…
KFC sells pasta? That's new!
I wonder if Singapore's going to have that on its menu.