Cook 'Em Right

How we prepare vegetables can have a big impact on how much vitamins and minerals end up in our body. Boiling produce for example, often leaches out micronutrients, so when you eat them, only a little of the essentials is left on the veggies. To guide you on what's best for produce, here's a lits of the best cooking methods for some of our favorites:

The best way to cook spinach is through boiling, It reduces oxalic acid which is a good thing because this compound can interfere with calcium absorption.

Tomatoes are best sauteed. Lycopene ( a cancer-fighting antioxidant), is absorbed when you eat healthy fats like olive oil at the same time.

Potatoes are best unpeeled and baked (or microwaved). The tuber's high fiber count, plus its potassium-rich skin, help reduce cholesterol and heart disease risk.

Steam carrots. They will hold on to more nutrients if they're prepared in a small amount of water rather than a pot of boiling water.


jes said…
wow, this is very interesting, but i am not cooking =( hmmm just dropping by mommy =) have a nice day =)
Gorgeous MUM said…
nice healthy food! yum!
Unknown said…
Very helpful, proving that you not only should eat your veggies, but prepare them right!

Cascia Talbert said…
Great tips! I always say that fresh vegetables are the best. I rarely cook my vegetables. But when I do I make sure I cook them so that all the nutritional value is still there. Thank you for sharing this!
Ebie said…
I add spinach to my mongo bean soup. These are good tips.
iceah said…
this is true c: we love veggies :9 thanx for sharing too c:
UPrinting said…
Steaming is actually better when it comes to cooking veggies because it locks in the nutrients and the taste of the vegetables. Boiling, on the other hand, should be done in only a short time so as not to lose the crispiness of the veggie.
Righ methods of cooking determine the taste and quality of the food.

Any way nice information.