Don't take a day off

Did you know that skipping calcium supplement every now and then means you could be missing out on its big benefits? When researchers reviewed 17 studies, they found that people who consistently took calcium reduced their risk of bone fractures by 24%. But those who missed doses more than 20 % of the time, they cut the payoff by half. To get the most protection, experts recommend taking at least 1200 milligrams of calcium daily.

Mommy's Little Corner


Unknown said…
Hi Liza...I have been on a high calcium (1500 mg) regime for years (ever since I fractured my foot and was diagnosed with osteoporosis). The only downside I see to it is that I have to get a haircut and trim my nails more often...they grow SO fast!
Lynne said…
That's very good to know. I take a weekly prescription calcium as well as daily supplements. The daily one is easy to forget, especially if I'm out of my normal routine.
glitch said…
Having a calcium supplement is good to avoid osteoporosis but not for me. I have history of kidney stone and calcium former. I get calcium from regular foods and balanced diet. And my osteopenia is healed without any sign of kidney stones.