Natural Options

If the lotions you have been using for your complexion problems only make the condition worse, try going natural and try one of these plant-based solutions.

Aloe vera gel works best for irritation and inflammation. Just cut a leaf from the plant and squeeze some of the liquid onto your fingers, then apply it directly to your skin. Research proves that when aloe vera was applied to UV burns, it eased inflammation better than a 1 % hydrocortisone gel.

Hazel nut oil is great for dry and scaly skin. For best results, massage onto skin right before bed to allow it to soak in overnight. It's similar to the skin's natural oil.

Tea tree oil works best for acne and blemishes, just put a drop or two on a cotton swab, then apply to affected areas. The oil helps reduce acne as effectively as a 5 % benzoyl peroxide lotion with fewer side effects.


heidi said…
Wonderful news. Tired of spending so much money for dry skin.
Swubird said…

Even I can say that the Aloe Vera plant is good for burns. We have used it many time - all with good results.

Happy trails.
UPrinting said…
Some lotions actually make the skin darker. That's why there are advisable to apply before going to bed or at night. As for me, I only apply lotions on body parts that are actually pretty rough and dry.