Looking at the sky on Friday (4)


I love taking photos of sunrise and sunsets. Look at the mix of orange, yellow, blue green and blue. So lovely isn't it? I used my camera phone on this shot. I wish I had my digital camera with me when I saw this, the picture would have been more clear.

Happy weekend everyone!


ellen said…
hmmm akala nio nalimutan ko na kau noh...glad ur still there liza... thanks!...Keep in touch! God bless my dear Liza
Jade said…
Ohh this is nice...just like mine. I love the colors din talaga pag takip silim.
Amazing Gracie said…
Great picture and especially nice for a cell phone!
Race said…
yeah sometimes we wish we always have our digicam with us but mobile cam is really always on hand, i love the hues of color there liz! ganda din naman eh kahit sa mobile cam lang ang shot! mine is up at my new blog at http://www.horizonsweb.info/2009/05/looking-at-sky-on-friday-sunset-at.html
Wow, those colors are beautiful! I love this view. Sunsets are amazing aren't they?! Nice capture.

Thanks for sharing.