New Findings About Colon Cancer

A few weeks ago, I have posted an article about a new study where scientists have found that people who eat the most garlic and onions have the lowest incidence of several kinds of cancer. According to their report, having seven or more servings of onion a week cuts the risk of colon cancer by 56 percent, while eating lots of garlic lowers risk by 27 percent. They are still trying to find out exactly what substances from both garlic and onions are responsible for the good effects but a lab study suggests that the sulfur compounds that give the veggies their bite may also be cancer fighters. These bulbs has a lot of health benefits, so try to include as much onion and garlic in your daily meals, some of you may not like their taste but they're big time in cutting your cancer risk. It may also help to cleanse your colon once in a while. Look for a reliable colon cleanser that you think you'll be comfortable with.


UPrinting said…
I think the best ways to avoid colon cancer or any sickness for that matter is to eat healthy and exercise. :) Regular bowel movement also plays a vital role in avoiding colon cancer.