Something New

Are you worried about memory loss? I have read that trying on new things might help ward f memory loss. While it's true that diet plays a big part, researchers favor keeping the mind active by learning new things.

Try going to a museum on your free time, learn to speak a new language or play a musical instrument, discuss news headlines, or play memory games during a walk. These are just some of the things you can do for a change. Even if you have a stimulating job, changing things up is good for your brain. If you are a lawyer for example, who uses his left brain at work, pursue art or music. If you're an artist, exercise the right brain by learning a new language or doing some math puzzles. Puzzles lovers have an edge but remember that doing a variety of things best protects the memory, so mix it up!


ellen said…
helllooo! been a long time ..miss yah liza...hope to hear from you soon...pls take note of my new url sa Ellen says:
Debo Hobo said…
That is so true, use it or lose it. I am learning french via my Ipod, and play a lot of memory games in line.
The Mother said…
Crosswords and sudoku.
Jade said…
I am really worried about that too so I do exercise my brain too:)

Btw Liza, I have something for you here:

Have a good weekend!