I Love MY "D"

Getting plenty of vitamin D not only strengthens your bones. You may not know it but the vitamin continues to surprise you with body-wide health benefits. Your doc may recommend you take at least 1000 IU of vitamin D per day, here's why...

BRAIN - Cuts stroke risk; may help prevent depression
EYES - Lowers risk of macular degeneration
MOUTH - Decreases risk of gum disease
HEART - Lowers chances of cardiovascular disease
LUNGS - May reduce lung cancer risk
BREAST - Cuts chances of breast cancer
BACK - Lessens likelihood of chronic pain
LEGS - Fights age-related weaknesses
CALVES - Lowers risk of blocked leg arteries

Multiple studies are still being done on what other health benefits we can get from D, but the above-listed benefits are already enough reasons to get plenty of it.


Raft3r said…
vitamins i take: c, a, d!
Daisy said…
lol this is a cool post!

btw, passing by to thank you for the EC ad. I accepted it now and should be running in a few days! ;-)