Protein for Queasiness

While it's true that ginger is the best answer for nausea, researchers recently discovered that protein can help fight queasiness too. Here's why: when you're queasy, the stomach muscles contract more often and more erratically, protein helps restore the normal slower, steadier rythm. You may simply eat lean protein-rich food like skinless chicken breast or make your own shake with protein powder. Experts say, the drink is a better choice because liquid gives you an immediate effect, but any protein is going to be more helpful than high-fat food or worse, eating nothing at all.


Debo Hobo said…
Interestin, I use ginger to help with digestion. I never knew the protien shakes I drink every day were helping as well.
Ebie said…
I make my shake with protein powder. It is also good mixed with bananas and strawberries. Yummy!
I love tahoo that is why I know I have protein everyday... :)
Color Printing said…
Thanks for sharing this info! I, myself, seem to get queasy everyday. Good thing I love eating chicken. :)