Family of Crafters

As a crafter, I love lurking on arts and crafts sites during my free time. If you have been following this blog, you know that I used to be a cross stitch nut and very much into needlepoint and embroidery. There was also a time I got so hooked with candle making and would search the internet for hours to find the cheapest materials. I had fun playing with different scents and shapes. Hubs also taught me to assemble and paint miniature models. Although I have not been doing projects for some time, I keep myself updated on the latest designs, patterns, and other crafts that interests me. I also make it a point to check out the art supplies prices, just to make sure I can still afford them, lol, in case I start sewing again.

Having both parents who love the arts, my kids are crafters too. They started out with painting by numbers, beads and origami. And now, my son is eying my Galleon scale model! Hubs is now teaching him to paint small ones. Once he's ready, I'll give him the Galleon. :)

Introducing kids to arts and crafts at a young age hones their skills. Plus, doing crafts together with your kids is so much fun!