For Fast Recovery

Do you take medication immediately at the very sign of sickness? Why don't you give dark honey a try? Some studies suggest that dark honey is way more effective at relieving symptoms (cough and cold) and can kill drug-resistant germs. Just 2 teaspoons of dark honey a day - eaten right off the spoon or mixed into hot tea - can soothe irritated throat and speed up recovery.

Dark varieties like buckwheat and wildflower, particularly the unpasteurized types can slash 3 days off the length of an illness. Honey contains pinocembrin, an antimicrobial compound that kills invaders on contact, while its natural enzymes boost output of infection-fighting antibodies.

Honey is a natural remedy, so the next time you feel a cold coming on, remember to take 2 teaspoons of the sweet liquid.


ginabeloved said…
I usually use this in treating cough ^-^

visiting ^-^
Swubird said…

Yes, we used to take dark honey when I was a kid. At the first sign of trouble my aunt would give me a couple of teaspoons full. And, like you said, we also used it to sweeten our tea. Good stuff.

Happy trails.
UPrinting said…
I've heard a lot of good things about honey and it's healthy effects. But sadly, the thing is so expensive! So no matter how healthy it is, it's quite hard to avail. :(