Looking at the sky on Friday (11)


Sunrise, a promise of a new day. I'm glad I took this shot last Tuesday, which was a good thing. I was planning to do it on Thursday morning but it was raining hard because of a new typhoon.

I'm wishing everyone a terrific weekend. Happy sky watching!


Stacie said…
Gorgeous picture.
MizĂ© said…
Hi Liza,
I love sunsets but sunrises are cool to, most of them I´m sleeping :)
Thanks for sending me the code of the meme, you´re a sweetheart!
Good Friday xx
lunaticg said…
I don't know why but this is the third time I found a blog with sunset picture in it via entrecard.
Thank you for sharing them.
Where is this place by the way?
Metz said…
Dropping by to check on what is new over here :) Hope you had a great week and wishing you a great weekend to come :)
Dianne said…
I love how the color goes from blazing to subtle
very pretty
Chris said…
what a nice sight..

i have something for you at Awards Galore
Anna said…
Lovely colors!
Unknown said…
That is a amazing sunset.
A very nice photo indeed :)
UPrinting said…
Oh nice shot... I love the redness of the sky every sunset. Thanks for sharing this photo. :)