Looking at the sky on Friday (12)


This photo was sent to me by my brother. It is so beautiful and amazing, I want to share it with all of you. He snapped this on his way home from work, and luckily, he captured the lighting too.

I'm wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Happy sky watching!


WOW...that's a prize winning photo...absolutely gorgeous!!!!
AMAZING and beautiful too!!! Thank you for sharing! Cathy
Stacie said…
This is Amazing!! Great shot your brother took!
Race said…
yeah it's really amazing liz! it's beautiful and perfect timing too! love the colors! btw latsof is open na!
Melissa said…
That is a great shot!
I don't think I've seen photos in textbooks as good as this one! This is beautiful and this has to be one of the best lightning photos I have EVER seen. Beautiful! Kudos to your brother. AMAZINGLY captured the essence of this rampant lightning bolt!

Thanks so much for sharing with us. Pass on my thanks to your brother!

Ebie said…
This is a great capture! Beautiful!
Enchie said…
amazing and stunning!
Dianne said…
definitely prize winning!!
should be framed

your brother really captured the moment
Metz said…

Dropping by to catch on my reading here :) Hope you have a great weekend ahead :) xoxo
Anna said…
Wow! That is amazing! I have never had luck capturing lightning.
Serena Oracles said…
I loved it! It´s an awesome picture, much better than a postcard :)
Good weekend Liza :)
Lulu said…
i love it! very stunning!
kg said…
oh my gosh! this is such a great picture! good thing your brother was able to catch it! amazing!
UPrinting said…
Cool! I love the lightning.
It gave the photo a punch.
Thanks for sharing this! :D