Looking at the sky on Friday (13)


Here's another breathtaking sunset for you to enjoy. Happy sky watching!


Unknown said…
very very nice!
Ebie said…
Lovely glow glistening the seas!
Jim said…
Hi Liza, that nice sunset sure does make a nice reflection.
Happy Sky Looking!
Race said…
you're right it's really breathtaking, i love sunset liz!
nurseabie said…
Thank you Mommy Liza for being one of my top dropper.
Dianne said…
beautiful reflection!
Metz said…

Dropping by this Friday to greet yah a fab weekend ahead :) Will be reading here for a while :) Keep smiling always :) xoxo

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Ralph said…
The reflection of the sun is nice - the sun carries so far on the water. I like both sky and sea. A place to relax in a boat, smooth as glass on the service with a light sea breeze...
Breath taking indeed! I love the reflection on the water. What I wouldn't give to be sipping something cold and sweet on a boat while watching all of this take place. :)

Thanks for taking me there.

Happy Friday,
BK said…
Yet another end of the day and all things will pass and tomorrow the sun will rise again to the start of a new day. :)