Looking at the sky on Friday (15)


After weeks of showers, we're back to clear skies. ^-^ The heat is terrible though. ^~^ I took these photos yesterday from the back of our house, I was on the fourth floor. Love hanging out there to sky watch. That's a coconut tree on the left side of the first picture.

Click on the badge above for more amazing sky photos. Happy sky watching and Happy weekend!


Jackie said…
Love those clouds Liz! I was just taking pictures of ours. Cross your fingers for us. We have another really bad storm just minutes away and headed right for us.

So far no tornado warnings but I am hurrying to get my PC shut down!!

Happy SWF,
Oh my, what gorgeous clouds! And the sky is soooo blue! Well done! Cathy
Beautiful fluffy white clouds on your deep blue skies!
Hugs and blessings,
Calico Crazy said…
Lovely clouds, and the sky behind them is such a lovely, brilliant blue.
Lisa said…
Goodness, those tropical skies! Just beautiful!
Jackie said…
All was fine for us last night Liz. We just got some very needed rain!!

And our temperature dropped down into the 60's. But we are supposed to be in the 90's today!!:-)
Dianne said…
the clouds are so puffy and layered, one of my favorite skies

beautiful shots!!
Kimmy said…
Thank you for sharing the clouds! Pictures of the sky never get old. It's like a new picture every time.
nice...walking and drop EC
keep update your post...
im still waiting
Aceh Barat
kg said…
nice shots! there's always something about looking at the beautiful sky that's soooo calming!
Lalaine said…
i love the clouds... very clear sky.

btw, i have a new blog. kindly add my new online home to your link. thanks a lot. =)

Carolyn Ford said…
Ahhh...so beautiful. I love the pink touch in that beautiful sky. Very nice shot.
Oh, love the sky~ I miss seeing the sky as clear as that. It's been raining a lot lately that it's quite depressing to look above. :(