Mellow Yellow Monday #24


Banana gummy candies. Yum!


annies home said…
those look rather cool
Pamela K H said…
Great idea for MYM...I clicked on your pink button. I have a BCA click everyday button on my site as well. Thanks for caring and thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Great photo :)
Banana candy—
better than the real thing?
Take a bite and see!

My Mellow Yellow
Hey, I used to eat those ^_^ I still prefer the real bananas, though haha! :P

Hmmm, not something I'd probably eat. Though, I'd totally go for banana flavored laffy taffy :)
Jackie said…
You got the first chop Liz!! I give you credit. I figure there won't be many comments on that post.

We still have rain. I am headed to bed and will do drops tomorrow!!

I have so many blogs to pick up links on. I don;t want to lose touch.

But, I am going to be taking classes and getting involved in some other new forums so I hope you will still visit!!

I hope you are having a grand week. I was until day!!