The Scent That Inspires

The mere scent of chocolate can boost your mood and spark creativity. Research shows that the fragrance caused a 30% dip in theta brainwaves, which control attentiveness. The delicious scent lulls the brain into a focused state of calm, making it easier to come up with brilliant ideas.

The next time you feel sluggish, go ahead and sniff those delicious chocolate cookies in the jar, it won't hurt too if you take a bite, just don't eat them all, haha. Or better yet, light a chocolate scented candle.


Sandi said…
all I can say is "drool"
Sandi said...
all I can say is "drool"

Amen to that!!
Oooh chocolate cookies!! Love em, hoping to bake some myself someday. :)
That's interesting. Now we have more reasons to eat chocolate!

Well... not really. We just have to smell it. :D