Surprising Causes of Bad Breath

Brushing our teeth, gargling with mouthwash and using breath strips are the things we do to keep our breath smelling fresh. But you'll be surprised to know that the things we do to eliminate bad breath can actually make matters worst. Recent research reveals that daily use of foaming agents and other chemicals found in some toothpaste and mouthwash brands can dry out oral tissue, causing you to have bad breath. Here, take these simple steps to outwit the chemicals' bad effects.

Most toothpaste products contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a harsh foaming agent. To lessen toothpaste's corroding effects, rinse your mouth with water for 1 minute after brushing. Do this to wash away most of the SLS so it won't stick to your teeth and gums where it can intensify damage. When buying toothpaste, read the label and go for natural pastes.

Some popular brands of mouthwash contain sodium chlorate, a chemical that's been banned in the UK to be used in daily dental products because it is considered toxic. According to experts, it is not necessary to use mouthwash every day since brushing and keeping the oral cavity moist are already effective at warding off bacteria and bad breath. But if you really have to use one, they suggest looking for a chemical-free rinse made with grapefruit seed extract. The citrus-based rinse is naturally antimicrobial.

Breath strips that dissolve on the tongue and promote instant fresh breath often contain propylene glycol. This drying tissue irritant is also an ingredient in antifreeze. When buying breath strips, look for brands that don't contain this damaging chemical.

And to freshen your breath in a pinch without using any of these harmful chemicals, follow this: With your mouth closed, place your tongue against the top teeth on the right side of your mouth, then swish your tongue to the left; move down to the bottom-left teeth and then over to the bottom-right teeth. Repeat 10 or more times. This boosts saliva production to ward off the dryness that makes breath stale and lets bad bacteria flourish.

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I like the tongue part; it's something easy to do for all of us. :)
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wow it took me 40 years of my life to know about this. lol. seriously its true, liz, thanks.
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Interesting. This is also an exercise for the tongue. Will do it every morning or as frequent as I can.

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SLS they say is also the cause of "singaw", but as of now i still cannot find any local one without it.

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Wow, I could have used this when i was dating. I will pass the tips to my hubby though, who eats mints like they are going out of style.
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This is a very good article. I brush my teeth every morning but lately I've been having a bad taste in my mouth. I never suspected the toothpaste. Thanks. I'll check it out.

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Great tips! Very specific.

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