Looking at the sky on Friday (17)


I took this shot the other day while my son was having breakfast. Good thing I did because yesterday it was dark and cloudy, there's another storm coming. I'm wishing everyone a terrific weekend. Happy sky watching!


Norm said…
I love the color of the sky so beautiful, happy weekend..
Tammy said…
Very nice. I hope you have a happy weekend, too.
I'd love to eat breakfast with this view! Lucky guy. ;)

Happy Friday!!!
Calico Crazy said…
I just love the change of colors from blues & pinks to oranges. Great capture.

Calico Contemplations
Dianne said…
the colors are amazing!
Nice capture of sunset, thanks God is Friday, Enjoy having you're weekend. Happy weekend to all.
Stacie said…
Absolutely Gorgeous!! Hope you have a great weekend.
Unknown said…
You can really tell whats the weather like by just looking at the sky. nice shot Liza
Metz said…

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