Mellow Yellow Monday #22


Freshly squeezed orange juice. Yummy, healthy and refreshing!


Stacie said…
YUM love fresh squeezed juice!
Tellie said…
I want that machine dohickey thing!

P.S. my verification word is "hyper"
Raft3r said…
masarap ang oj
lalo na sa umaga
the best
Miranda said…
Mmmm....nothing like fresh squeezed juice.
Ms. Journ said…
very cool corner. Nice inside the house to have that one too. My MYM here.
MYM said…
Oh yes ... yummy!
Squeeze the oranges,
fill cups with sacred nectar,
drink deep and give thanks.

My Mellow Yellow
zuiyanhong said…
I like to drink fresh orange juice. Is good for us and keep the doctor away.
Oh my how refreshing is that Yum Yum!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!
Have a Lovely♥Day!
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Jackie said…
It is wonderful Liz!! But your pictures are always so colorful and happy!!

I also want to add a thank you for your kind words of support. Walter is home and things are still on a tight rope here.

We are both trying to keep busy and I really needed to try to get by and send out my thank yous!!

Great machine that you have their and that was refreshing. I wish i could have it also. Yummy!